The charity we are hoping to start will be set up in memory of Emily. This is why.

I came into contact with Emily through each of us writing a book to help people with CFS/ME.

Emily wanted to make a difference and help other people severely affected through using her own experiences. I never got to meet her but I got to know her just a little through the e-mails she would send me from her bed. The following is a personal memory of a very brave lady. Rest well Emily.

Emily's question

Emily would ask me a question,

Not a cry of despair but a seeker of hope,

To understand, to find answers,

Emily would ask me a question.

She wanted to share, have tips that would work,

Bring relief and make progress.

So Emily would ask me a question,

But she never blamed or got angry

When answers weren’t there.

No, Emily would ask me the question,

How to get others to listen to what were her needs

Known to those who loved her and cared.

So Emily would ask me her questions

Put it all on her Blackberry in the dark lonely hours

Because she was determined.

Emily still kept asking me questions

Through the pain and the trauma

Because Emily believed they would listen.

Now Emily can’t ask me a question

But we still seek her answers and hold onto her hope

That one day everyone will listen.