The STEP Programme

Step ProgrammeThe STEP Programme focuses on helping you to understand the things that can affect your symptoms.  It then takes you through stages of stabilising and gradually increasing energy and activity levels.  A qualified therapist will assess your needs and how you can use the programme to optimise your recovery.


Introductory Workshop

Before starting a rehabilitation programme it is helpful to understand why these approaches are used and what the programme will involve.  At the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic we provide an Introductory Workshop that gives more information about CFS/ME and other chronic fatigue conditions, and our approach to therapy. You can attend the workshop before or after your individual assessment with the clinic. This will help inform your decision of whether you want to commit to the programme.

If you have people who will be supporting you through your therapy, it is also helpful for them to come to the workshop so that they can be more informed about your health problems and how to manage these.

A workshop place costs £32.50 per person. Click on the link to book a place by completing the booking form.