We have worked with people over the past 25 years and these are some of the comments they have made. We gather routine feedback and have many pages of comments but can't upload all of these to the website, so these are a selected few.


"I just wanted to let you know that P is doing incredibly well and is now in sixth from. Despite missing nearly a year of school she managed to get 11 GCSEs and all bar one, were A or A*s. She followed all your advice and worked steadily and avoided stress or late nights and she was allowed short breaks during the exams. Her results of course weren't the important thing - it was getting better and enjoying life which was the most important thing...She actually says that the illness and the advice she got from the clinic were probably one of the best things to have happened to her as she's learnt so much from it...So thank you so much and I hope you can pass on a hopeful message from this to other teenagers in the same situation as P was. in " 

Jill. P's Mum

"I did manage to finish my second year, even though the exams were rather tough and energy destroying. I even pulled through and achieved a 1st overall which im obviously really quite pleased about. I had to have a lot of rests after the exams but I've had a busy summer. I've already been to switzerland with my girlfriend and planning to go to budapest with a friend in september. I also have to start planning my dissertation which should be wonderful.

Hoping to study for a masters degree as well. My health has improved a lot in the last year and past few months especially. 

I want to thank you again for all you help. I know full well that without your wise guidance I wouldn't be where I am right now, living a normal life most of the time. "

Elliot, Huddersfield


"If someone had said to me a year ago that I would be where I am today I not have believed them! I have been struggling for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to feel well. Sue has given me my life back. I cannot recommend the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic enough, it is amazing.

Unfortunately I received a lack of understanding from many health professionals I came into contact with in the 10 years that I was unwell, even after receiving a daignosis from a specialist consultant. When I was told by the mental health team that what I was experiencing was '100% psychological' and that I should discount all that the consultant had told me I reached such despair that I contacted the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic. I was at my wits end and was starting to believe that I would be ill for the rest of my life. I had plans for my life and just wanted to get better so I could live them.

It was immediately apparent that Sue was an expert in managing CFS/ME and she completely understood the condition. She helped me to work on both on my body and my mind and take small achieveable steps to improve my energy levels and functioning. I finally felt that somebody understood and from the very beginning it was a partnership to move forward. I have got my life back and people who I have known for years have noticed such a difference in me.

I look back now and I am horrified at some of the advice I was given and feel so angry that because of this I lost a decade of my life. Unfortunatley my local authority is still refusing to fund proper treatment such as that available from the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic and has an appalling attitude to this condition. I had no choice but to fund the treatment myself but I would make the same decision again without a second thought. Thank you!"

Verity, North Lincolnshire,

"Superb hour, very helpful, extremely well delivered by an obvious expert in her field. Found out far more than I ever knew and I feel more able to empathise with others with the same or more severe plight. Thank you."

Attendee at the Introductory Workshop,


Hannah"I walked up Thorpe Cloud in the Peak District with one of my old school friends yesterday and have attached a photo she took at the top. I'd decided I wanted to do something fun to celebrate 2 years since starting the programme - it's a little belated as it was supposed to be the end of June, but it was a brilliant morning and I'm already coming up with daft ideas for next year! (My friends are coming up with dafter ones - the entirety of the Pennine trail has been suggested!!) Dovedale was one of the photos on the postcard I sent you ages ago when I first made it to the postbox, seems like forever ago and I'm so thrilled to be at the stage where I can get out into the countryside 'properly' again!"


"Sue has 22 years of specialised knowledge and expertise in CFS/ME. Her experience, practical and excellent advice has turned young people lives around.

"Our members have told us that after years of struggling, Sue has been their ‘lifeline’.

"We’re thankful that her skills will not be lost and that patients will now have choice in how they receive their treatment."

Mary-Jane Willows, CEO of the Association of Young People with ME, AYME

"I am so pleased that you have set up another CFS Service as your expertise are essential to comprehending this strange condition. I will never forget the relief (borne from  understanding) after my first appointment with you, when you diagnosed me. The feeling of 'I'm not going mad' because I had an explanation for my obscure symptoms was such a relief! I really appreciate the openess of your approach and your warm, reassuring demeanor"

 Leanne, Leeds.

“Sue’s many years of experience in treating people in one of the country’s longest established ME clinics has given her an expertise which has been recognised nationally as well as locally."

Chris, Patient Representative

"Thank you for all your very much appreciated help over the years, your support has meant a great deal to me…thank you for helping me to progress from a very unwell person to someone who now feels that she has a future herself”

A, Leeds

Peter Spencer"As the Chief Executive of Action of the UK’s leading M.E. charity for over five years, I have not come across anyone in the UK who is in the same league as Sue Pemberton as an Occupational Therapist for people with M.E. and similar chronic conditions. The outcomes she achieves for her patients are truly remarkable as was reflected in the excellent results her NHS clinic achieved in audits.

"Sue provides wonderful support to those able and willing to return to work but who need to understand the crucial principles that will maximise the probability of success.

"She is a great communicator and is held in very high regard by the HR and OH specialists in companies and other enterprises that have benefitted from her expert advice.  Sue is a model of clarity in explaining  how employers can best meet their legal obligations towards disabled people; including the reasonable adjustments to employment terms conditions that are appropriate and cost effective for people with M.E."

Sir Peter Spencer, Chief Executive of Action for ME (Aug 2012)

"Just wanted to say thanks a million for all the help you have given me. I felt truly supported through what has been the most difficult time of my life.  Thanks too for going that extra mile… Thanks for your wisdom, persistence, humour and patient – all very much appreciated! I’m continuing to do well and will keep in touch."

K, York

"For almost 5 years I ran the gamut of NHS professionals in an attempt to get some help for my teenage daughter who was eventually diagnosed with ME.  As a midwife myself, you would have expected the professionals to be a little kinder, wrong. I became sick of hearing 'I don't know anything about CFS'. Sadly her condition became so severe that at 18 she was referred to a Specialist CFS/ME home rehabilitation team, and we met Sue Pemberton. On our inital meeting the thing that impressed me most was how comfortable she was with us. She even asked to sit on my daughter's bed, instead of treating her as if she had ebola virus.

For the first time I realised that someone was actually singing from the same hymn book we were and in the same language, it was a total revelation. Sue has been back to our house on several occassions now and it is like meeting an old friend. Her advice has always been sound and well researched. She always gives the theory behind practice when recommending a new strategy. It has been a privilege to meet her and I know this new service will surpass everyone's expectations if she is a part of it.

Elaine, RGNRM, mother of daughter with ME.

"Thank you for all you have done over the years to help those of us who have ME"

V, Leeds

"Just to say a big thank you for all your help and support over the past 6 years. We think you have done a brilliant job at the clinic."

K, Leeds

"Sue is always approachable and helpful…I know from feedback from patients I have had contact with that they regard her as an outstanding member of the NHS who always goes above and beyond their expectations. She deserves huge credit for setting up and developing a service for the condition that for too long, in some circles, has been overlooked and derided".

Penny Bustin, BBC Look North (2009)