Who are we?

Sue Pemberton, Therapy DirectorDr Sue Pemberton, PhD, MSc, BHSc, Dip. COT

Therapy Director and Specialist Occupational Therapist

I am a qualified occupational therapist with over 26 years’ experience working in the NHS. I started working with people with ME/CFS when I was asked to design the original therapy programme for the Leeds & West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service in 1990.  This programme was then adopted by many other ME?CFS Services across the UK.  In 2003 I was selected as the Regional Clinical Champion for the condition for the North, East and West Yorkshire area.  As the Consultant Occupational Therapist, I led the service to deliver some of the best clinical outcomes in England for CFS/ME (as benchmarked by the National Outcomes Database run by the University of Bristol).  Patients who used the service gave it a 97% satisfaction rating recommending the knowledge and expertise of our team.

I have had the opportunity over my career to teach and train others about ME/CFS through national training events.  Recently I have been involved in developing awareness around the area of employment. I am proud that my work over the years has been recognised by national charities, such as Action for ME and the Association of Young People with ME.  I also co-edited the self help guide "Fighting Fatigue: a practical guide to managing the symptoms of CFS/ME" in 2009 which you can buy on Amazon or other book sellers.

This will be used as a companion guide to the therapy programme offered by the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic.

In 2012 I set up the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic in collaboration with Dr Philip Wood, with the aim of providing the best quality of care for people with fatigue disorders and concentrating on developing new treatment approaches linked to the latest medical research. Since setting up the clinic I have completed my research study on activity patterns in ME/CFS to obtain my PhD. This knowledge helps us to individualise therapy programmes to achieve the best outcomes.

We want to use our knowledge and expertise to help you.

Joseph Bradley, BSc OT, MRES

Specialist Occupational Therapist

I am a qualified occupational therapist, having practising primarily in the NHS, for over ten years. I have clinical experience in a number of areas including general medical, cardio, respiratory, functional and organic mental health problems, surgery and orthopaedics, hand therapy and rheumatology, and most recently ME/CFS. This varied experience provides me with a wide awareness of health conditions that can help in understanding health problems and how these impact on an individual. Having worked at the Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS/ME service for over two years, I joined the team at the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic in November 2013.

The variety of my experience has given me familiarity with a number of therapeutic approaches that can be used according to someone’s needs, context, and the health condition they are managing. I also have had experience of chronic health problems both personally and in those close to me, and I aim to approach my work considering the complexities of physiological, psychological, and social aspects of a person and their daily lives.

Having completed a National Institute of Health Research funded Master’s degree in Health Research, I am keen to utilise research skills both in evaluating and applying latest research information in practise, but also in contributing research and information to the existing evidence base.

Nina Dunn, BHSc

Specialist Occupational Therapist

My interest in Occupational Therapy developed following working with younger children and their families with long term physical health conditions. I later qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2010 and have since developed experience working in employment settings, community and hospital settings with a number of physical and mental health conditions. Since qualifying I have attended further training/awareness including Mindfulness, Compassionate Focused Therapy, Acceptance Commitment therapy and Assessment in Motor and Process Skills, Whilst working with patients in the community, I became more aware of ME/CFS and the impact that it can have on individuals day to day activities and how a holistic, person centred approach is required in recovery. I started working with the Yorkshire Fatigue Service at the beginning of 2017 and continue to aim to focus on working with individuals and families in their recovery and enhancing individuals lives in what is important to them.


Dr Vikki McKeever

General Practitoner with Specialist Interest

I work part-time with the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic, alongside my role as a General Practitioner and working with the ME/CFS Service in Leeds. I joined the team in January 2018 but already had over five years specialist experience in the condition and worked at a national level with the British Association for ME/CFS. I am also interested in providing training for other GPs and those undertaking medical training. 


Sue Stanley

Specialist Occupational Therapist

I have worked for many years in the field of ME/CFS, working previously in Leeds. I started with the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic in 2019 and work part-time with the service.